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We develop tailor-made tools that ease your social media monitoring, analysis and moderation processes. 

Product name

SOMERA Monitoring

Our users can monitor their brands through all social media platforms and web sources instantly. 

​They can perform sectoral analyses and compare their performances with competitors. 

Without previous knowledge, it is extreme easy to generate reports about monitoring results.


Our social media management tool is designed for brands and agencies to manage their social media presence and social CRM processes in an easy, fast and reliable way.

From moderating comments on Facebook to sending DM's on Instagram and from reply to user comments on Google Play to sending tweet on Twitter, Somera Social supports and extensive list of social networks and digital media platforms.

Our users can also create cases, analyze their agents response rates, assign duties, track and categorize incoming posts.

Product name
Product name

SOMERA TV Analytics

Somera tracks over 2,000 TV programs in more than 50 TV channels in Turkey since 2014.

Our daily ratings are published in a similar manner to conventional ratings.

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Based on the feedback of thousands of users, Somera provide countless different functions with an easy to use interface.


If you need a tailor-made solution, you have come to the right place. Our product team can provide just what you need!